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  • The group all are amazingly talented musicians, and the Woohoo sound is a frenzied blur of Balkan, gypsy, swing and jazz. You know the kind of sound I´m shooting at; the kind that makes you dance by kicking your legs about haphazardly and spinning until you can feel your brain burning. The band managed to sap the entire populace of the NSC of energy, beating them senseless with their whirling tango tunes. Big big love for the Woohoo.
  • It´s not music made for IPods, it is social music. Every song holds such a strong sense of occasion. So make like the animals on the cover; grab a group of friends, go out under the sky and throw a party that lasts for days and dance to The Woohoo Revue.
  • One of Melbourne´s hottest world music groups.
    The Hobart Mercury
  • Be prepared for a night of exciting tunes, outrageous tempos, amazing playing and flashy dressing.
    The Byron Shire Echo, Byron Bay
  • Their wild arrangements of carnival tunes combine the arts of musicianship and performance, creating an on-stage celebration for drinking, dancing and forgetting about tomorrow.
    BMA Magazine, Canberra
  • This gutsy group is touring its unique brand of vaudeville across Australia and is winning punters over one high energy show at a time.
    The Canberra Times
  • This gloriously sassy, six-piece gypsy-meets-Latin-meets-Middle-East dance band from Melbourne is just the ticket for fans of swinging and irresistible world music dance.
    The Sunday Mail, Adelaide
  • If musical prowess, good fun and intriguing yet accessible melodies count for anything, their audience should grow exponentially from this point on.
    dB Magazine, Adelaide
  • This is how people lost their shit back in 1909.......There were actual teeth marks in the ceiling. They had to carry each and every one of us away in three or four zip-locked freezer bags and sawdust the floor.
    Adelaide Guerilla Photojournalist, Spoz
  • The Woohoo Revue have generated a lot of buzz around town with their tight set of freakish gypsy brass tunes.
    Inpress Magazine, Melbourne
  • Overall, the sound reflects the unique experience of a `gypsy´ band raised on Melbourne dance floors.
    Beat Magazine, Melbourne
  • I think they eat gypsies for breakfast!
    Lulo Reinhardt
  • `Expect old-world charm, furious gypsy tunes and a chunky sound that will either make you dance or wish you´d brought a unicycle. Big fun.´
    The Melbourne Age

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