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Based in Melbourne, AUSTRALIA, this fiendishly talented 6-piece band of extraordinary entertainers have been wowing festivalaudiences Down Under and are now set to tour Europe/UK in mid-2014.

Aimed straight at dancing feet, THE WOOHOO REVUE’s distinctive style suggests a “Balkan brass band”, “roaring ’20s swing ensemble”, “Wild West fiddle contest” or a “Looney Tunes soundtrack.”

Their fiery compositions and virtuosic musicianship invoke romance and bravado, and their adrenalin-fuelled live shows ignite the dancefloor. Led by a firey fiddle and circling horns, every tune expresses a sense of occasion, transporting the listener to a rampaging after-party at a circus sideshow in a palatial ballroom.

Performing more than 100 shows per year, including WOMAD (Australia) and Sydney Festival, The Woohoo Revue have shared stages with Besh o droM (Hungary), Lulo Reinhardt (Germany) and Afenginn (Denmark).


Jhana Allan : Violin
Fabian Acuna: Trumpet
Jarrod Brereton: Saxophone
Dannie McKenzie: Guitar
Madi Weybury: Electric Bass
Andrew Rousch: Drum Kit


‘Pandemonium in a pin-striped suit.’ ~ The Age, Melbourne

“A frenzied blur of Balkan, swing and jazz.“ :

‘This gloriously sassy, six-piece Romani-meets-Latin-meets-Middle-East dance band from Melbourne is just the ticket for fans of swinging and irresistible world music dance.’ ~ The Sunday Mail, Adelaide

‘Their wild arrangements of carnival tunes combine the arts of musicianship and performance, creating an on-stage celebration for drinking, dancing and forgetting about tomorrow.’ ~ BMA Magazine, Canberra

‘One of Melbourne’s hottest world music groups.’ ~ The Hobart Mercury

“… They could hold their own against both Fanfare Ciocarlia and Taraf de Haidouks…. The Woohoo Revue are a Balkan-themed party waiting to happen, and once it starts there’s no turning back.” ~ Songlines Magazine, UK

“There’s something very ‘Johnny Depp’ about The Woohoo Revue: the glint in the eye, the swashbuckling irreverence, the wicked yet knowing smile, the zesty circustent glamour, and that rare and precious ability to be both irrevocably left-field and fabulously popular at the same time.” ~ Beat Magazine, Melbourne

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